G-Eye Jigs’ Story: Jigging for fish has been a passion of mine for many years.  The problem that I always had was that I could never find a quality jig head to fit my needs.  I earned a USCG Master License, purchased a bigger boat and residence Maryland guide license, and started chartering (www.ljslighttackle.com).  

Specializing in taking families fishing means I take out kids, moms, and other inexperienced anglers looking for a fun time on the Chesapeake Bay fishing.  And true to form, they all were successful at jigging up their own fish with my G-Eye Jigs. I always feel I have the advantage when I take customers fishing, because we use G-Eye Jigs.  

Tyler's Tackle (www.tylerstackle.com) invited me to join them at the 2015 fishing expos and agreed to let me sell my G-Eye Jigs at their booths.  I thought that this would be a great way to promote my charter fishing business.  Man, was I ever wrong.  I was having a really tough time manufacturing enough G-Eye Jigs to sell at each fishing expo.  I quickly came to realize that G-Eye Jigs was its own business and I went out and got a patent and a trademark for G-Eye Jigs as fast as I could! 

Here's the bottom line.  There's a few days a year that you can go out fishing and the bite is so good that I think I can tie a seagull feather on a hook and catch fish.  But on a normal fishing day, I want a G-Eye Jig on my line because it does give me a real advantage.  There are a lot of unique characteristics incorporated into my G-Eye Jigs to provoke the natural instincts of fish into reaction strikes.  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed....Tight Lines, Captain LJ